Monday, January 9, 2012

Just me

    Hi everyone just wanted to post something just about me if you even care if not well I'm posting anyway :) as my page says I am Dania a girl, woman a lady, who like every other woman out there enjoys makeup and colors and flowers and glitter... long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners ...((haha jk wrong web site))  I love food I love wine oh! and cheese!! aaaahhhh yum and chocolate... and I will stop rambling now!
    I made this site to really promote myself which honestly wasn't my idea to begin with, I have a great God given person who I am so thankful for helping me out with all of this. I am recently still in beauty school but will be done in about 50 hours WOOHOO!! so I can cut hair and color and all that jazz, but makeup and skin care is something I am more inclined to. There is a satisfaction I get in seeing a woman's face light up when they look at themselves all made up, their posture changes their heads are lifted a little bit higher there is a special look in their eyes as corny as it may sound its a tad bit magical. I get a kick out of that, that is why I love doing makeup its a transformer an ego booster an enhancer to a beauty that is already there but most woman haven't discovered or don't believe is there.
    I am in no way an expert in beauty or makeup its just something I do and love to do and everything I blog about is researched not made up or thought about by me, I google I read I have a laboratory where I perform my test (not really) you know the whole nine yards, so everything written on here will be something you have heard about or possibly read at some point in your life. I will provide you with DIY, reviews on department store makeup, because in all reality I cant afford high end ((perhaps someday)) and I don't believe that high end necessarily means better you can achieve the same looks with any brand of makeup you just need to learn how to use it and I will try to provide that for you.
  I hope you keep on reading my blogs and tell your friends, I hope that I can provide information that you will actually use and share. I thank you in advance and wish you a beautiful night. Good bye, Adios and besos Dania la beauty pie.

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  1. I love the enthusiasm Dania and you know me always asking you for ideas and suggestion and they always turn out great and beautiful.