Monday, January 16, 2012

Tips for taming those curls

This is to all you gals and guys with curly tresses who are wanting to manage their locks.
Tip número 1: Trim your hair at least every two or three times a month. Curly hair is more prone to split ends, so make sure to chop those damaged ends.
Tip número 2: Shampoo hair two or three times a week. Try to use a shampoo specially formulated for your hair type, curly, straight, etc. Our hair makes oils that are good for our hair, but too much isn’t a good things. However do condition your   hair every time you shower.
Tip número 3: Deep condition your hair two times a week, or just once is fine. You can purchase fancy conditioning creams and a hair mask from the department store — or you can use mayonnaise as a treatment.
You will need the real mayo (with all the fat) that can purchase at any grocery store. Use enough to cover your entire scalp, if you have short hair perhaps a tablespoon, if longer hair maybe 1 1/2 tablespoons of mayo. Use a damp, warm towel and wrap you hair, letting it sit for at least an hour. Make sure to shampoo your hair again, if you can use a baby shampoo or just make sure its a gentle one. Then dry and style as usual. This is safe to do everyday if you want, but not necessary.
Tip número 4: If you must blow dry because you don’t have time to air dry, use a diffuser make sure to add some shine drops or frizz control serum.
Thats all for now Besos.. Dania la beauty pie.

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